Thursday, October 31, 2013

Are There Any Cheap Alternative Sources of Energy?

There is no doubt that people are now becoming more proactive when it comes to taking care of the environment. You now see many home owners who opt to live a greener lifestyle, from the lighting solutions they use to the cars they drive. What's stopping many people however, is the cost of alternative energy. If only alternative sources of energy are cheap, then perhaps people will not hesitate to use them. That is why researchers and advocates are working hard to bring down the costs of green technologies.

Solar Power
Solar energy has long been in existence, but it still remains to be one of the most expensive sources of alternative energy. The energy from the sun may be readily available, but the solar cells used to collect the energy from the sun are not cheap.

Regional characteristics also affect the cost of alternative energies. Solar power for instance, is cheaper to operate in sun-drenched deserts than in cloudy regions.

Recent research suggests however, that there is a way to collect solar energy without the need for expensive photovoltaic cells. Magnetic fields are used instead. With this new development, the cost of solar energy is expected to drop dramatically in the future.

Wind Farms
Wind farms are another source of alternative energy. But like solar energy, the cost of operations is not cheap. Collecting and converting the power from wind into energy can cost a lot of money.

Inexpensive Alternative Sources of Energy
Geothermal energy is one example of inexpensive renewable energy. But collecting energy from the Earth's steam also has its dangers. You also have bio-diesel, which many consumers are now using for their vehicles. Bio-diesel however, is not strictly a renewable source of energy. It may be just a short-term solution.

Interesting new sources of energy are now being developed, including sewer bio-gas, and underwater vibration. These alternative sources of energy are believed to provide cheaper solutions for green energy. However, research and studies for these alternative energies have not yet been completed. They still need to be tested to determine their cost-effectiveness and if they can be implemented for practical use.

Consumers however, should not lose hope in finding cheap and practical alternative source of energy. Researchers are making it their priority to develop alternative energy sources. The expensive green technologies of today may become easy on the wallet in the near future. By that time, you will have no reason not to live a greener lifestyle.
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Friday, October 11, 2013

A Small Rant on Today's World

I procrastinate, specially when it comes to work... but don't we all? Anyway this piece is not about this, that'll be another day.

As I was procrastinating on Facebook I came across a post that said that a man in Illinois was charged of Raping a PUPPY; I cannot begin to think what possessed that man so that he thought that it would be a good idea! Zoophilia?

I am a modern day human female. I chose not to have children and in past days a cab driver was bold enough to ask me if I had any kids, when I replied that I had chosen not to have any, he was baffled and in awe. It seems that for the mere fact of being a woman I am expected to have kids...

But my choice not to have children is evident. I know I would be a good mother, strong on discipline and abundant on love; but how can you have the nerve to bring a child into THIS world? You can't and you sure shouldn't.

A man raping a puppy; a family that decides to ditch a dog/cat/bird because caring for them and having the responsibility is just too much of a bother; teenage kids that decide that torching an animal is a nice way to spend an afternoon (not to mention those who think that killing a passing jogger is a perfect way to get out of bored town).

What is going on?!?As adults we complain that there is no commitment. Women cry and wayle all the time about the lack of commitment and responsibility of men and that we can't find a suitable mate to have and create a family with. Men complain about the same thing; women who leave their families "because they need to find themselves"...

And in the middle of all this, children go about bullying other children and abusing, torturing and killing animals... And yet we expect and demand God to stop natural disasters and to remember that "for the love of those two just I will spare the city" (look up in your bible the destruction of Sodom)

I am not just. I will not pretend I am just or mercyful or even a good daughter of God. I want to scold that man in hot boiling water and to snip his "thing" away, that'll teach him to rape puppies... I also want to do that to anyone who abuses an animal or a child...

So maybe this is the perfect time to stop and consider "what if": What if natural disasters are actually a way of letting us know that we are not doing things right? What if His Mercy is so big that when destruction starts, the few fervent prayers are enough for Him to lower the blade of justice?

One thing is certain: I am glad I do not have children and I wish more women thought the same way I do.
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Loyalty - What Does it Really Mean?

Loyalty is a word that is mentioned so casually in today's society. It is described in the dictionary as steadfast in allegiance, or being faithful to a person or ideal. We are shown by the media that it's okay to want more and to have choices. This has affected our society's idea of loyalty in many ways.

In the movies, the typical Italian family story tells of their strong ideas of loyalty. These movies usually end destructively because of the disloyal actions of its characters. My idea of loyalty involves two or more people that create relationships that are based on mutual respect and at times silent dedication. It seems that our society has forgotten the core meaning of this word. It seems that a more modern definition of loyalty means to be loyal to ones self. Everyone is so focused on all of the choices that they are given, that they have forgotten about staying loyal to one person or situation.

The idea of valuing our relationships and staying loyal seems to have taken a back seat to immediate gratification. It is only human to gravitate to what is new and exciting. We have lost the determination and patience that it takes to stay in a relationship that isn't working for us. Many people enter a marriage without even seriously thinking about the kind of dedication and loyalty that it takes to stay married.

We often look at our elders and wonder about how they stay married for so long. Many of their marriages last for over fifty years. What have they figured out that we haven't? If you question some of them, they'll tell you that there are no hidden secrets. When I asked some of my elderly friends about that, I noticed that the words that were repetitively mentioned were loyalty and dedication. It's a matter of taking the good times in with the bad. Isn't that part of what keeps us loyal to one another? If you decide that the bad times aren't worth dealing with, then you could be letting go of something that could be potentially meaningful.

Some people enter into relationships and wonder why things didn't work out the way they expected. They create a situation where they expect to get everything and give nothing in return. This seems like a waste of time for both parties involved.

Another example are the characters that are portrayed in various television shows that show how its okay to backstab each other as long as you stay loyal and true to yourself. The attention is usually focused on the person that is the most self centered. This has become popular in our media.

The pure emotion of loyalty can only come from strong feelings of respect for ones self and for others. When someone is lacking that quality they usually end up in short term relationships, careers, and marriages. This can lead to a very lonely and solitary lifestyle. Perhaps that's why so many people end up living their life alone in our society.

The absence of loyalty can also affect the depth of our relationships that we have with each other. Sometimes this happens within families. There are invisible bonds of loyalty that exists within most families. When those bonds are broken, silent resentment takes place. This can go on for years.

Loyalty is not something that can be discussed without a show of actions behind it. Overall, it seems that everyone still understands what it means to be loyal. That has not changed. It's the desire to unselfishly commit to each other that seems to be changing in our society. I have realized that it's an important part of every relationship. When we question whether someone is being loyal to us, maybe we should look at our own actions. Are we showing loyalty to those that we love? Sometimes it's a simple question like that that helps us to put everything back into perspective.

Michelle Joseph

Friday, April 16, 2010

Common Christian Lie - Part 1 - "God Will Not Put More on You Than You Can Bear"

There are may lies and misconceptions taught in church's all across the world everyday. In my last post, I taught about another commonly taught lie, and that was, "Grace Can Lead to a Careless Attitude Toward Sin." The truth is, there are possibly countless amounts of lies and deceptions that Satan has hoodwinked the Church at-large into believing. The one that I want to address today is, "God won't put more on you than what you can bare." This statement sounds so religious, so noble, so unquestionable. It seems to be the "be-all end-all" to so many discussions. I mean, a person could lose their entire immediate family in an accident, and people will discuss it immensely, but, at some point someone will offer the "sacred cow" of "Well, I'm really sorry that this has happened, but, you know, God won't put more on you than you can bare." But, regardless of how good that is sounds, it is emphatically not true!
In John 8:32, Jesus said, "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." You see, the way that you think has everything to do with the level of freedom, success, and overall victory that you experience in your life. What you think and therefore believe effects every area of your life. EVERY! Think about it: Your life is a sum total of all that you believe. It is the sum total of the overall way that you think. You live up to, and limit yourself according to, the limitless possibilities or potential-killing limitations that are in your mind.
As a Believer, it is utterly important that you get to know your Heavenly Father for yourself. You can't depend on your pastor to be your only source of knowledge about God. You need to get to know God for yourself. A lot of people say a lot of untrue things about the Lord. It's sad to say, but, many Christians would not even know the Lord if they saw Him walking down the street. The reason is because Jesus the Person would not line-up with the Jesus of their doctrine. One well-known preacher said it this way: "Most Christians don't let the Bible get in the way of what they believe." Again, that is very sad, but it is also very true. The bottom line is that is is up to us as the children of God to get to know our Lord. We have to get to know our loving Lord according to His Word, and NOT according to the doctrines and traditions that we have always naively believed. Thank God for what all of us have been taught in our lives by men and women of God, but their comes a time when we grow up and grow in our own personal, one-on-one relationship with Jesus. And once you do, you will realize that the God that you are getting to know, isn't as bad as as many Christians have accused Him of being.
Many have accused God, as the title says, to "not put more on you than you can bear." The truth is, He does not put anything on you to bear. If He did, then the cross was a failed attempt. Jesus said in Matthew 11:28-30, "Come unto me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Jesus says so plainly here that He did not come to put burdens, troubles, hard-times, sickness, diseases, ect. upon us, but that He came to bare our burdens so that we wouldn't have to. He says that we can come to Him when we need to find rest for our souls! So, don't buy the lie anymore that says that God is the One who is giving you hard times. But get to know Him for yourself, so that you'll know the true nature and ways of your Father. Learn of Him so that you'll recognize and discard false doctrines and false accusations that are made against our loving Saviour. Remember, the way that you think about your Father will determine whether you run to Him to help you in your time of need, or whether you will not turn to Him b/c you will falsely think that He is the One giving you your problems. Learning of Him ONLY results in finding sweet, peaceful rest in your soul!

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Illusions of Our Discoveries

There are many instances where man has always found ways to explain the miracles that holy books spell out. Many miracles that have nurtured the faith in humans to believe in God have been explained away by scientific methods. This means that some do not feel that God is omnipotent and they also feel they need the support of others to believe in their research. Some feel it is service to mankind to take away the others faith. Still some say blind faith is not necessary and feel the need to explain each and every thing in scientific ways. There is no scientific explanation to global slow down. Even if there was an explanation we need faith to find a solution. Faith in God reduces all negative tendencies. Actually everyone needs only God. God is sufficient for all and faith in God is what is needed.

The believer and the non believer are just part of the Cosmic set up. God will always be God with or without this earth and its inhabitants and yet we all belong to Her. God does not need us but we need God. The believers need Her to make life bearable while the non believers need Her to go on researching. The non believers compete with one who neither cares about winning or losing. It is like beating a mountain with our hands and that is a wasteful exercise.

God is the Creator of both science and religion. There is no competition between the two. It is like the head and the heart in one body. The head cannot make the heart disappear saying it does not exist nor can the heart make the head disappear because without the heads capacity we are called insane and without the hearts capacity we are called dead.

The head alone cannot build faith in a human. Faith is a spark that has to be natured with God and the heart. All discoveries on earth and in space show that there exists a power that has created all these discoveries before it was found. Meaning that Gods creation came first and there may be lots of mysteries not yet found. But man has a creative tendency and time is a factor he needs to spread out. This thing called time belongs to God, as all else in Her plan and man who came in time only to return in time, feels he makes discoveries without Her consent.

Bhuvaneswari Calambakkam

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How Much is a Human Life Truly Worth?

We need to include tort reform as part of our health care reform. This would help to lower the cost of health care by decreasing the cost of malpractice insurance and legal fees for health care professionals. Nobody should be able to sue a doctor or any other member of the medical profession for millions and millions of dollars. A reasonable cap should be set on punitive damages (in addition to cost of medical care, etc.), even in the cases of severe injury or death. In addition, the health care professional who is found to be responsible for the damages should no longer be able to practice medicine, and he should be subjected to the penalties for any criminal activities which are already established in our legal system.

So what is a reasonable cap for determining what a human life is worth? Of course, a human life is priceless, but when presented with the ugly task of trying to place a monetary value on life, here are some suggestions from the Bible:

In Leviticus 27:1-8, we see a list of various amounts for the equivalence of "dedicating persons to the Lord." The highest of these amounts was for "a male between the ages of twenty and sixty," which was fifty shekels of silver, or about 1.25 pounds. At today's price of silver of about $14 per ounce, this would be about $280. This is obviously too low for today's standards.

Then, in Matthew 20:9, we see that a day's wages was a denarius, which was a silver coin weighing about 4.5 grams, or about 0.16 ounces. Again, at today's price of silver, this was about $2 for one day's wages. So, we see that the $280 from Leviticus 27 would equate to several months' wages. and it would even be fair to say that this was approximately one years' wages. In today's world, we might say that this would be one years' worth of wages for whatever the injured party's annual salary is, or we might choose an average number, maybe $30,000 to $50,000, or maybe even a more generous number of $100,000. However, this still seems too low to us for what a human life is worth.

Then in Genesis 29:18, we read the story about Laban working for seven years for Jacob, in return for Jacob's daughter Rachel (i.e., for her hand of in marriage. From this we might conclude that a life is worth seven years' wages. Using the numbers from above, one could argue that this might place the value of a human life somewhere between $200,000and $700,000, with a more generous amount being about $1,000,000.

A (priceless) human life is certainly worth more than one million dollars. However, is this amount a reasonable cap for punitive damages for what a human life is worth in our legal system? Yes, I think this is fair. The average man or woman could easily live on the interest on this amount, which, at 5% would be $50,000 per year. If the person is wealthy, and accustomed to living on a much larger amount, then they would still be able to get by simply because they are wealthy. It's a tough decision that nobody wants to make, but it needs to be done.

Owen Weber is the founder of Christian Data Resources, which publishes Christian books and articles on topical issues and frequently asked Bible questions. His passion is to promote Bible study by teaching others how to learn more about God's Word. This will enable readers to decide where they stand on the issues, according to how they interpret God's Word for themselves. Visit for answers to your Bible questions.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bottled Water - A Quick Re-Cap!

As industry and our culture strives towards bettering the planet and attempting to repair any damages we may have caused to our environment, we have taken a large turn toward plastic products and away from glass and other materials. What this means is that a huge portion of bottled beverages are produced and distributed in plastic bottles across the world. Unfortunately it seems the blame is being placed on the best bottled water producers and distributors specifically, and most other sources completely neglected.

Producers invest thousands of dollars into research and development to help reduce the waste their product causes and compete with their competitors. Despite the fact other beverages are sold in similar bottles, i.e. Juices and soda, water is targeted the most by far. Bottled water is popular across the globe and helps give us a mobile source of healthy water wherever it is available. A very common, almost jovial, observation can be made while taking a glance at a bottle of water: it has a cap. Take a second and think about that, how many bottled beverages and other products are contained under a plastic cap of some sort?

When a product is opened, used, or discarded how often does the cap end up in the same place as the container? Caps may be even less likely to be recycled than the bottle them and are distributed in the same quantity (possibly more). Manufactures and distributors need to pay much more attention to the bottle cap instead of devoting all their attention to just the bottle itself. The bottle is obviously of great importance but plastic caps contribute a great deal of waste to even the best bottled water containment systems.

The best bottled water delivery services often boast that their large water containers can be cleaned and re-used multiple times. One thing you don't see them boasting is how many times they re-use the cap. Flimsy little caps serve an important role in the business but are often taken too lightly. Even the smallest waste product can become a problem when dealing in outrageous quantities. If bottles themselves are being produced in dangerous quantities then caps must be as well.

Industries and producers need to be aware of this issue and take action to attempt to reduce the waste produced by bottle caps or perhaps develop some form re-usable bottle cap. Small and simple steps like these taken en masse can lead us to a healthier life and a cleaner planet. Profit drives businesses into the market, and consumers allow the businesses to profit. The consumers need to educate themselves and make it very clear to the producer that protecting our environment is of great importance. If the populous feels it is necessary to bring such great attention to bottled water and the waste it produces, then perhaps they should also urge the attention be directed towards the bottle caps as well.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Your Handbag's Most Essential Item

There are many essentials for your handbag, many 'can absolutely not do without' items that must be with you when leaving the house. The three 'L's': lippy, liner and lip sole; chewing gum; mirror; hairbrush; foundation; ipod; mobile; purse; keys; and most important of all, make-up brushes.

Yes, make-up brushes are THE most vital of all stuff and things that a lady keeps in her handbag. What's the point in having your Clinique foundation if you have no brush with which to manipulate the over-priced face-saver with?

And when the weather is so gray, wet and miserable it becomes as much a necessity as bread and water. And oxygen. And the internet. A quick mirror check just to make sure you're looking your best can become an obsessive compulsive disorder and make-up brushes often act like a magic wand - a couple of wafts and your worries are alleviated. Phew! Got to look your best girls!

There's no point choosing the cheapest option when investing in make-up brushes, even if you're prone to misplacing things or losing your handbag after downing too many jugs of Pimms and Appletinis. On the other hand, there really is no point in over spending on make-up brushes. Just because Posh Spice has a limited edition Bobbi Brown brush set, doesn't mean you should splash a week's wages on a set too!

There are many make-up brushes to choose from out there, and it is important to have a decent set of make-up brushes, as they can be the difference between looking OK and getting the look that you desire. In fact, make-up brushes are as important, if not more important than the quality of make-up that you choose to use.

When making that all important make-up brush purchase, bear in mind the actual quality of the product you're investing in. There are few established companies who specialise in make-up brushes but I would advise you checking them out as it is well worth getting your brush sets from those who know what they're doing.

Rather that than buying a brush from a high street make-up line where you're paying for the brand name rather than the quality of design and manufacture and expertise of a company that specialises in make-up brushes.

The longevity of your make-up brushes also depends on how well you look after them. It is important to clean your make-up brushes regularly and although there are many wives tales, tips and tricks as to the quickest, easiest and best way to clean make-up brushes, this is THE definitive guide:

Rinse your make-up brushes in warm water, add a little blob of mild shampoo and rinse through. Then apply soft strokes of the brushes in one direction to remove any lingering dirt and residue. Do not apply brush strokes in more than one direction as this will not get all of the dirt from the bristles. To dry, simply lay the brushes on a towel and leave at room temperature - not in an airing cupboard or by a radiator as this will dry your brushes out completely and damage the bristles.

Make-up brushes are essential, so make sure you don't rush into a purchase, shop around, check out established, specialist companies and take care of your brushes. Oh, and don't forget to leave the house with your brush set in your handbag, otherwise you will struggle to get through the day!

Shaun Parker is a make-up artist with many years of experience making up TV celebrities. Find out more about make-up brushes at

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nothing Can Beat Designer Handbags

Just imagine a moderate beautiful looking woman walking down the street with her stylish and trendy handbag. On the contrary, try to get the picture of a woman without her handbag. What difference do you feel here? Might be this: a woman without her handbag seems to be incomplete. It is the opinion of many men that women feel more confident while carrying a stylish handbag than any other ordinary handbag. In a crowded market, we often come across women shopping for their handbags.

The best and trendy handbags are always in great demand among all groups of women. It is difficult for women to find the right kind of designer handbags in market. For getting the favorite one, women have to invest much of their time. Now, in this age of high Internet use, women have another option for buying designer handbags. These days, there are many websites which are solely dedicated to women's collections. These sites also have designer handbag collections.

These designer handbags are presented there in the most artistic way. There is no doubt that these handbags are eye-catching to women. The prices of these products meet the budgets of all women. Even you have to pay a little extra for a particular designer handbag, mind the quality and the style which are priceless. The pride you feel with the support of a designer handbag is merely given by any other ordinary handbag.

All the high-street shops are never same in terms of their products and services so, the same case is with the websites. The website that you choose to do shopping of elite handbags should be the choice of many women. It should have the best trademark for its unique products and services. These are the basic characteristics of any good and popular website. If you have this one then you can freely shop for the ideal designer handbags. Last but not the least women should never forget to make use of various online discounts and offers.

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