Monday, September 14, 2009

The Illusions of Our Discoveries

There are many instances where man has always found ways to explain the miracles that holy books spell out. Many miracles that have nurtured the faith in humans to believe in God have been explained away by scientific methods. This means that some do not feel that God is omnipotent and they also feel they need the support of others to believe in their research. Some feel it is service to mankind to take away the others faith. Still some say blind faith is not necessary and feel the need to explain each and every thing in scientific ways. There is no scientific explanation to global slow down. Even if there was an explanation we need faith to find a solution. Faith in God reduces all negative tendencies. Actually everyone needs only God. God is sufficient for all and faith in God is what is needed.

The believer and the non believer are just part of the Cosmic set up. God will always be God with or without this earth and its inhabitants and yet we all belong to Her. God does not need us but we need God. The believers need Her to make life bearable while the non believers need Her to go on researching. The non believers compete with one who neither cares about winning or losing. It is like beating a mountain with our hands and that is a wasteful exercise.

God is the Creator of both science and religion. There is no competition between the two. It is like the head and the heart in one body. The head cannot make the heart disappear saying it does not exist nor can the heart make the head disappear because without the heads capacity we are called insane and without the hearts capacity we are called dead.

The head alone cannot build faith in a human. Faith is a spark that has to be natured with God and the heart. All discoveries on earth and in space show that there exists a power that has created all these discoveries before it was found. Meaning that Gods creation came first and there may be lots of mysteries not yet found. But man has a creative tendency and time is a factor he needs to spread out. This thing called time belongs to God, as all else in Her plan and man who came in time only to return in time, feels he makes discoveries without Her consent.

Bhuvaneswari Calambakkam

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How Much is a Human Life Truly Worth?

We need to include tort reform as part of our health care reform. This would help to lower the cost of health care by decreasing the cost of malpractice insurance and legal fees for health care professionals. Nobody should be able to sue a doctor or any other member of the medical profession for millions and millions of dollars. A reasonable cap should be set on punitive damages (in addition to cost of medical care, etc.), even in the cases of severe injury or death. In addition, the health care professional who is found to be responsible for the damages should no longer be able to practice medicine, and he should be subjected to the penalties for any criminal activities which are already established in our legal system.

So what is a reasonable cap for determining what a human life is worth? Of course, a human life is priceless, but when presented with the ugly task of trying to place a monetary value on life, here are some suggestions from the Bible:

In Leviticus 27:1-8, we see a list of various amounts for the equivalence of "dedicating persons to the Lord." The highest of these amounts was for "a male between the ages of twenty and sixty," which was fifty shekels of silver, or about 1.25 pounds. At today's price of silver of about $14 per ounce, this would be about $280. This is obviously too low for today's standards.

Then, in Matthew 20:9, we see that a day's wages was a denarius, which was a silver coin weighing about 4.5 grams, or about 0.16 ounces. Again, at today's price of silver, this was about $2 for one day's wages. So, we see that the $280 from Leviticus 27 would equate to several months' wages. and it would even be fair to say that this was approximately one years' wages. In today's world, we might say that this would be one years' worth of wages for whatever the injured party's annual salary is, or we might choose an average number, maybe $30,000 to $50,000, or maybe even a more generous number of $100,000. However, this still seems too low to us for what a human life is worth.

Then in Genesis 29:18, we read the story about Laban working for seven years for Jacob, in return for Jacob's daughter Rachel (i.e., for her hand of in marriage. From this we might conclude that a life is worth seven years' wages. Using the numbers from above, one could argue that this might place the value of a human life somewhere between $200,000and $700,000, with a more generous amount being about $1,000,000.

A (priceless) human life is certainly worth more than one million dollars. However, is this amount a reasonable cap for punitive damages for what a human life is worth in our legal system? Yes, I think this is fair. The average man or woman could easily live on the interest on this amount, which, at 5% would be $50,000 per year. If the person is wealthy, and accustomed to living on a much larger amount, then they would still be able to get by simply because they are wealthy. It's a tough decision that nobody wants to make, but it needs to be done.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Bottled Water - A Quick Re-Cap!

As industry and our culture strives towards bettering the planet and attempting to repair any damages we may have caused to our environment, we have taken a large turn toward plastic products and away from glass and other materials. What this means is that a huge portion of bottled beverages are produced and distributed in plastic bottles across the world. Unfortunately it seems the blame is being placed on the best bottled water producers and distributors specifically, and most other sources completely neglected.

Producers invest thousands of dollars into research and development to help reduce the waste their product causes and compete with their competitors. Despite the fact other beverages are sold in similar bottles, i.e. Juices and soda, water is targeted the most by far. Bottled water is popular across the globe and helps give us a mobile source of healthy water wherever it is available. A very common, almost jovial, observation can be made while taking a glance at a bottle of water: it has a cap. Take a second and think about that, how many bottled beverages and other products are contained under a plastic cap of some sort?

When a product is opened, used, or discarded how often does the cap end up in the same place as the container? Caps may be even less likely to be recycled than the bottle them and are distributed in the same quantity (possibly more). Manufactures and distributors need to pay much more attention to the bottle cap instead of devoting all their attention to just the bottle itself. The bottle is obviously of great importance but plastic caps contribute a great deal of waste to even the best bottled water containment systems.

The best bottled water delivery services often boast that their large water containers can be cleaned and re-used multiple times. One thing you don't see them boasting is how many times they re-use the cap. Flimsy little caps serve an important role in the business but are often taken too lightly. Even the smallest waste product can become a problem when dealing in outrageous quantities. If bottles themselves are being produced in dangerous quantities then caps must be as well.

Industries and producers need to be aware of this issue and take action to attempt to reduce the waste produced by bottle caps or perhaps develop some form re-usable bottle cap. Small and simple steps like these taken en masse can lead us to a healthier life and a cleaner planet. Profit drives businesses into the market, and consumers allow the businesses to profit. The consumers need to educate themselves and make it very clear to the producer that protecting our environment is of great importance. If the populous feels it is necessary to bring such great attention to bottled water and the waste it produces, then perhaps they should also urge the attention be directed towards the bottle caps as well.

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