Monday, September 14, 2009

The Illusions of Our Discoveries

There are many instances where man has always found ways to explain the miracles that holy books spell out. Many miracles that have nurtured the faith in humans to believe in God have been explained away by scientific methods. This means that some do not feel that God is omnipotent and they also feel they need the support of others to believe in their research. Some feel it is service to mankind to take away the others faith. Still some say blind faith is not necessary and feel the need to explain each and every thing in scientific ways. There is no scientific explanation to global slow down. Even if there was an explanation we need faith to find a solution. Faith in God reduces all negative tendencies. Actually everyone needs only God. God is sufficient for all and faith in God is what is needed.

The believer and the non believer are just part of the Cosmic set up. God will always be God with or without this earth and its inhabitants and yet we all belong to Her. God does not need us but we need God. The believers need Her to make life bearable while the non believers need Her to go on researching. The non believers compete with one who neither cares about winning or losing. It is like beating a mountain with our hands and that is a wasteful exercise.

God is the Creator of both science and religion. There is no competition between the two. It is like the head and the heart in one body. The head cannot make the heart disappear saying it does not exist nor can the heart make the head disappear because without the heads capacity we are called insane and without the hearts capacity we are called dead.

The head alone cannot build faith in a human. Faith is a spark that has to be natured with God and the heart. All discoveries on earth and in space show that there exists a power that has created all these discoveries before it was found. Meaning that Gods creation came first and there may be lots of mysteries not yet found. But man has a creative tendency and time is a factor he needs to spread out. This thing called time belongs to God, as all else in Her plan and man who came in time only to return in time, feels he makes discoveries without Her consent.

Bhuvaneswari Calambakkam

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