Friday, October 11, 2013

A Small Rant on Today's World

I procrastinate, specially when it comes to work... but don't we all? Anyway this piece is not about this, that'll be another day.

As I was procrastinating on Facebook I came across a post that said that a man in Illinois was charged of Raping a PUPPY; I cannot begin to think what possessed that man so that he thought that it would be a good idea! Zoophilia?

I am a modern day human female. I chose not to have children and in past days a cab driver was bold enough to ask me if I had any kids, when I replied that I had chosen not to have any, he was baffled and in awe. It seems that for the mere fact of being a woman I am expected to have kids...

But my choice not to have children is evident. I know I would be a good mother, strong on discipline and abundant on love; but how can you have the nerve to bring a child into THIS world? You can't and you sure shouldn't.

A man raping a puppy; a family that decides to ditch a dog/cat/bird because caring for them and having the responsibility is just too much of a bother; teenage kids that decide that torching an animal is a nice way to spend an afternoon (not to mention those who think that killing a passing jogger is a perfect way to get out of bored town).

What is going on?!?As adults we complain that there is no commitment. Women cry and wayle all the time about the lack of commitment and responsibility of men and that we can't find a suitable mate to have and create a family with. Men complain about the same thing; women who leave their families "because they need to find themselves"...

And in the middle of all this, children go about bullying other children and abusing, torturing and killing animals... And yet we expect and demand God to stop natural disasters and to remember that "for the love of those two just I will spare the city" (look up in your bible the destruction of Sodom)

I am not just. I will not pretend I am just or mercyful or even a good daughter of God. I want to scold that man in hot boiling water and to snip his "thing" away, that'll teach him to rape puppies... I also want to do that to anyone who abuses an animal or a child...

So maybe this is the perfect time to stop and consider "what if": What if natural disasters are actually a way of letting us know that we are not doing things right? What if His Mercy is so big that when destruction starts, the few fervent prayers are enough for Him to lower the blade of justice?

One thing is certain: I am glad I do not have children and I wish more women thought the same way I do.
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