Wednesday, December 29, 2004

South Asia :: A Call for Help

From World Relief

Dear Friends,
The tragedy in South Asia has quickly become one of the most serious in history. The sudden loss of life and destruction is overwhelming. I don't have to give you the details because I am certain all of you have seen the heart-wrenching scenes as they have covered our television screens for the last several days.

We have been in constant email and telephone contact with field partners in the effected countries as well as our Integral Alliance partners in Europe, US, and Hong Kong. Everything possible is being done to mobilize resources to attempt to meet the incredible needs.

Without question we need you, our Canadian partners, to pray. The extent of suffering and mourning is beyond what we can comprehend. Relief workers and volunteers are being overwhelmed physically and emotionally and desperately need God's strength. Just this past October a field officer from Stromme Foundation of Norway attended our Integral Alliance conference in Toronto. Nimo works in Sri Lanka, the hardest hit of all the countries. Although he is being called on to direct relief efforts he and his wife are suffering the loss of all of her brothers and sisters.

It is also imperative that churches and each of us as Christians, prayerfully consider giving towards the relief and rehabilitation efforts. Much of the world is rallying, with significant UN and country aid being rushed to the region. But many of our Christian partners such as EFICOR are uniquely positioned to not only meet the physical and emotional needs but also to bring the compassion and hope than can only come from Christ. Their efforts now and through the lengthy rehabilitation phase require our immediate investment.

Christians in Canada have always been so generous in meeting the call of God to respond to those in need. If ever there was a time this is it. The task is truly overwhelming. The geographical extent of this alone is beyond anything the world has faced before. The magnitude of human suffering is unprecedented.

We need the church of Jesus Christ to rise up and carry His restoration to the millions who desperately need help today.

Laurie Cook
CEO, World Relief Canada

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